Tirikilatops – Korindie Bootlegs #17

Okay dino-dudes. It’s time to get around the old Korindie shack and let Unky Dug tell you a tale that is as old as time. Sit down by the warming glow of the Lite-brite and listen as I tell you about the legendary Tirikilatops. Old man winter comin’, and he gonna want them pegs back soon enough, and I’m running out of black paper.

Those dinos are mekkin it.

So, one day, good old Unky Dug was walking himself down to the old local DGBD to wish his old-timey friend Ali a Happy Birthday, which was the style at the time. Ali decided to get all 17 of his bands and some of his friends together to put on a good old show.

Oh, the crowds were thick that day in the basement of the ol’ DGBD. The dust, a mile thick if it were an inch were getting kicked about like little allergenic ballerinas it were. They’d hit the light just right, and you’d sneeze out such a beautiful sight they called it Corey.


Now, my grandmother used to say, “Either you’re onion rich or you’re onion poor.” I don’t know what she thought about peanuts though, but I thought of her as the band went through the crowd giving everyone chestnuts or single undried unshelled peanuts as birthday gifts. Ali, on account of it actually being his birthday also got a pony, and some balloons, which he promptly, yet accidentally, popped from a distance of 10 yards. Well done, Ali. Wali.


Sometimes, I think I could make the music like I used to could, but I can’t. So, I go to shows. Like this show. This was a show. It was the bestest birthday ever. Well, it was supposedly the second birthday ever, but no one thinks the first one ever happened.

Do you?

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